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On 5th September 1851, St. Paul’s College officially opened its door at Glenealy to welcome its first batch of students. In the following 170 years, alumni of St. Paul’s College have created significant impact in a wide range of areas.

It is this heritage that inspires generations of students to become serving leaders of society. As we celebrate the 170th Anniversary of St. Paul’s College, three strategic campaigns are launched to allow the College to remain a pioneer in education.

Capital Fund

Almost 60 years ago, St. Paul’s College underwent its first rebuilding of the campus on Bonham Road), to provide more space for the expanding student body. In 2019, St. Paul’s College began its second enhancement of the campus to meet the needs of the 21st Century education.

The objective of Capital Fund is to finance the School Enhancement Project, to augment the learning environment and facilities of the school premise for our students.

Endowment Fund

In parallel with campus enhancement, St. Paul’s College has pledged to assist qualified students who are financially constrained. The College has a proud tradition of welcoming students from a wide spectrum of family backgrounds which creates an environment for students to experience diversity.

The Endowment Fund is set up to let St. Paul’s College to open its doors to students regardless of their backgrounds.

Annual Fund

Annual Giving invites donations that goes towards special projects of the College. We are thankful to all gifts, large or small. Contributions can be either be earmarked for a specific purpose or for unrestricted use. This resource would provide the College and the Primary School with the flexibility and the means to create timely, impactful initiatives.

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