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About the Committee

The mandate of the Fundraising Committee was to raise fund for the St. Paul's College School Enhancement Project and to advance the general awareness of all stakeholders of St. Paul’s College to contribute to a common goal, to provide a better learning environment for our students.

The Committee seizes this opportunity to support the school by providing the necessary resources to develop the students' academic ability, social skills and leadership, attributes a St. Paul's alumni should possess after they graduate.

Honorary Advisors

Honorary Advisors
Dr. Fung Kai Bun (’61) Dr. Robert Lam (’62) Dr. Chan Kei Biu (’65)
Prof. Frank Fu Ho Kin (’66) Mr. Tsang Tak Sing (’66) Mr. Alex Law Sai Kit (’67)
Prof. Freddie Fu Ho Keung (’68) Mr. Stephen Ip Shu Kwan (’68) Dr. Thomas Lai Sik To (’68)
Mr. Roger Luk (’68) Mr. Cheung Man Sun (’71) Dr. Raymond Liang Hin Suen (’72)
Mr. Kenneth Ying Tze Man (’72) Mr. Bernard Ho (’77) Dr. Anissa Chan Wong Lai Kuen (’77, F.7)
Mr. Ken Yeung Kwok Mung (’82) Mr. Herbert Au Yeung Ho Wing (’93)

Committee Members

Chairman Dr. Ian Chan (’67)
Honorary Secretary Mr. Francis Hon (’92)
Secretariat Mr. Andy Law (’98)
Mr. Ray Poon (’07)
Mr. Andre Fok (’18)
Mr. Wilson Cheung (’18)
Honorary Treasurer Mr. Ivan Lau (’76)
Deputy Treasurer Mr. Wilson Cheng (’92)
Major Gift Team Alumni Team Special Team
Vice Chairman/Team Leader Mr. Julian Lau (’75) Mr. Alan Chiu (’96) Mr. Sam Chiu (’97)
Members Ms. Yvonne Chan
(Ex-SPCPS Principal)
Mr. Ricky Tam (’89) Mr. Carter Cheung (’01)
Mr. Johnny Li
(SPCPS PTA Chairman)
Mr. Ivan Wong (’90) Mr. Carson Wong (’12)
Mr. Ronald Wu (SPC Teacher) Mr. Ronnie Yeung (’92)
Mr. Ken Yeung (’82) Mr. Philip Chiu (’94)
Dr. Keith Wong (’89) Mr. Raymond Ho (’95)
Mr. Benson Wong (’90) Mr. Donald Choi (’17)
Mr. Reuben Wu (’96)
Mr. Chris Chan (’05)
Events Team Public Relations Team
Vice Chairman/ Team Leader Mr. Simon Lai (‘90) Mr. Lawrence Lui (‘02)
Team Members Mr. David Chung (’73) Mr. Justin Chan (’93)
Mr. Anthony Cheung (’98) Mr. Vernon Wong (’98)
Mr. Kenneth Lee (’03) Mr. Kelvin Tso (’03)

Committee Logo

After the fundraising committee has been formed, we all hope to create a new logo which represents this historic enhancement project. We use the royal blue and red from the school badge as dominant colours so people can recognize the identify the logo with St. Paul’s College. The dense foliage of the tree symbolizes the College while the strong roots which provide nutrients for the tree stand for the support from St. Paul’s College Foundation. As the tree grows and provides cover, the students will be well shaded while studying in the College.

The three elements included in the logo represent the relationship among St. Paul’s College, the Foundation and the students. It is expected that this fundraising event initiated by the Foundation will bring support to the School Enhancement Project consequently giving students an enhanced learning environment.