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Donors' Wall

Donor's Wall - Stage 1

Wooden Plate (800 pcs)
Small Metal Plate (127 pcs)
Medium Metal Plate (8 pcs)
Large Metal Plate (4 pcs)

The Donors' Wall will consist of approximately 1,000 names each of whom has pledged a minimum of $10,000 to the campaign. Each of the donors will have their name (or that of the person they wish to honour and remember) etched in perpetuity at the front of the College near the Bonham Road entrance next to the Conference Room.

General Donations

We invite you to make a donation to the Foundation. Please make your contribution, no matter how big or small, by filling in the donation form and returning it with a cheque payable to St. Paul's College Foundation Limited.

Class Gifts

Alumni from the class of the same graduating year are encouraged to join hands and make a class contribution. Please download the donation form and send it to the Foundation Secretary.

Facility Naming Rights

Here is the opportunity for you to make a gift to the College and place your name or the name of someone you wish to honour on one of the enhanced facilities.

The amount of donation is negotiable and donors are encouraged to give generously for such a meaningful case. Potential donors are welcome to discuss their interests and wishes with the Foundation Secretary. Please note the acceptance and recognition of gifts are subject to the endorsement of the College Council. The decision of the College Council in allocating the naming rights would be final. Payment by installments is negotiable..

For those interested in learning more about naming of rooms, please contact Ms. Sidney Chau, Executive Assistant of Fundraising committee at 852 25462248.