2019-06-07 Starting of 2nd Donors’ Wall

  • 2019-06-07

We have started the building of the second Donors’ Wall on the far end of the corridor outside the School Hall. We have put up the plates of the second lot of donors (before 15th April) on the Donors’ Wall. We have 3 New Large Plates, 9 New Medium Plates and 129 New Small Plates displayed this time. We have also tried to put together alumni and students from the same year.

A big thank you to all donors for supporting the Donors’ Wall and our School Enhancement Project. You are always welcome to come to school to view this new addition to our campus. For donations towards the Donors’ Wall after 16th April, it will be included in the third lot to be put up after September.

We would like to have more contributions to the Donors’ Wall specially for the small plates with every donation of HK$10,000. Every support to build our Donors’ Wall will be important to our School Enhancement Project.