2019-09-01 SEP Donors' Wall Opening Ceremony

  • 2019-09-01

A year ago, we started the fundraising activities for the School Enhancement Project of our College. Now we have completed Campaign One for the renovation of the classrooms in the tune of $90 million. We have set up a Donors’ Wall with plates to commemorate those who had made generously donated to our Project. On 1st September 2019, we organized an opening ceremony for the Donors’ Wall, to invite friends and alumni of the College to attend. We are happy to have almost 200 alumni and their families joining in a celebration. Of course they would also have the opportunity to join conducted tours by our F5A students Thomas Ching and Alvin Su.  Each of the renovated classrooms has an increment of 24% in floor area.

The ceremony started with the heart-warming moment of singing the School Song, which was followed by the speeches of Dr. Ian Chan Yau Nam, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, and Dr. Arnold Cheng Cheuk Sang, Chairman of the SPC Foundation. Mr. Dennis Yuen Dick Yan, Principal of St. Paul’s College, then gave a presentation on the features of the School Enhancement Project. They all emphasized that the success was due to the excellent teamwork of everyone, and collective spirit of contribution to our College.

As Ms. Josephine Ho initiated the Donors’ Wall in the early stage of the Campaign, it was appropriate for her to give an account on the development of this concept, and how it evolved to the present stage.

There are plates of three different sizes on the Wall to commemorate the contributions from the donors: the large plates for donations of over $200,000, medium plates for over $100,000, and small plates for over $10,000. As of the Donors’ Wall Opening Ceremony on 1 September 2019, we have received subscription of 10 large plates, 20 medium plates and nearly 300 small plates. We are looking forward to many more to come in the near future. All donors received a School Pin, and a booklet published by Ming Pao Weekly containing feature interviews of six of our notable alumni (Mr. Peter Kwong Kong Kit, Mr. Tsang Yok Sing, Mr. Joseph Yam Chi Kwong, Dr. Ian Chan Yau Nam, Mr. Chow Yat Ming, Dr. Justin Wu Chi Yuen and Mr. Yeung Chin Hong).

The donors of the medium and large plates were invited on stage to receive personal thanks and a crystal trophy engraved with a slogan from our school song: All for Each & Each for All  and the four watchwords of SPC : Justice, Honour, Truth, & Virtue.

The medium plate donors were Mr. Philip Cheung Kok Kee (’66); Mr. Antonio Ching Wai Chuen (‘75); Mr. Tayor Hui Yeung (’85); Mrs. Sek for Mr. Antonio Sek Chee Ho (’91); Mr. Herbert Au-Yeung Ho Wing (‘89); and Mr. Lau Si Fu (Fu Gor, our well-loved and long-serving caretaker for nearly 50 years). There were also group donors in this category, the Head Prefect Group represented by Mr. Ching Cheung (’68) and Mr. Cheung Chee Kit (’94); 1984/85 F6A represented by Mr. Wong Kai Wah (’85); 1988/89 F3C represented by Mr. Herbert Au-Yeung Ho Wing (’89). The large plate donors were Ms. Josephine Ho Kawi Ming and Alumni including Mr. Yip Soon Chi (‘70), Mr. Liu Tai Yum (‘89), Mr. Tse Lap Man (‘89) and Mr. Herbert Au-Yeung Ho Wing (’91), in memory of our late teachers; Dr. Tse Sik Yan (’66), and Dr. Simon Cua Tin Yin (’80).

There were large plate donors who were not able to join us at the ceremony, who are Mr. Harry Tang Wai Ho (parent); Mr. Kenneth Chan Kar Ching (’60); Mr. Raymond Kwok Ka Sing (‘78), as well as medium plate donors Mr. Kenneth Ting Woo Shou (’62), Mr. Yip Soon Chi (‘70), Mr. Cheung Chee Wah (’70); Dr. Pang Hin Hung (’72), Mr. Law Ngai Leung (’84), Mr. Chow Yat Ming (’90), Mr. Yeung Ka Sing (’90), Mr. Anderson Wong Yim (’90), Me. Hanson Lau (F.1, ’91) and Mr. Chua Sue Wan (parent) and representative of F.1D 1967.

The ceremony concluded with a group photo in a very warm well wishing mood. Indeed, the two photographers had been extremely busy. They are current SPC students Thomas Chan and Keifer Kung. All in all, it was a successful and meaningful afternoon. We are particularly thankful for all the supportive advice and suggestions.