2019-11-06 Fundraising Sharing Session

  • 2019-11-06

The Fundraising Committee had organized several Sharing Sessions for our alumni and class coordinators to keep them informed of the progress of the School Enhancement Project. At the same time, we have received valuable input from them throughout Campaign One.

We will continue with more of such sessions in Campaign Two so that more alumni and potential donors can share their ideas with our School Principal Mr. Dennis Yuen and the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Dr. Ian Chan.

The Fundraisisng Committee held a Sharing Session for Campaign Two on Nov 6. We invited St. Paul’s College Primary School Parents and Teachers Association Chairman and Committee Members, parents of the College and Primary School students, our alumni as well as some friends of St. Paul’s. We were honoured to have Mr. Michael Mak, Headmaster of St. Paul’s College Primary School Parents to join us. 
Mr. Yuen introduced the goals and vision of St. Paul’s College and explained the trend of education, which gave rise to the need of the College to upgrade its hardware and software. Mr. Mak shared the connection between St. Paul’s College & St. Paul’s College Primary School and how they would take care of the students for 12 years. Our parents shared how their children started their new life in school and our alumni talked about their brotherhood and the bonding among their classsmates years after graduation. 

Mr. Yuen also accompanied our guests to walk around the campus and showed them our new facilites such as the Classroom, Histroy Room, LS Room, and the Innovation Centre. It was a great experience and the sharing session was full of interraction, information and experiment. Thanks to all our guests who showed appreciation of our goal and expressed support to the School Enhancement Project.