2021-09-11 SEP Campaign Two Major Donors' Appreciation Dinner

  • 2021-09-11

To commemorate the beginning of Phase Two of the School Enhancement Project, and to hour our major donors in 2020-2021, the Fundraising Committee [FH1] was hosting an appreciation dinner on 11th September 2021 at the China Club.

Dr. Arnold Cheng Cheuk Sang, Chairman of SPC Foundation; Mr. Dennis Yuen Dick Yan, Principal of St. Paul’s College; and Dr. Ian Chan Yau Nam, Vice Chairman of SPC Foundation[FH2]  and Convenor of the Fundraising Committee, were the hosts. We were honoured to have the presence of Mr. Michael Mak Chi Ho, Principal of St. Paul’s College Primary School and Mr. Sam Chiu Tze Sum, Chairman of SPCAA.

This was the first time we are able to meet our donors physically since the outbreak of the COVID-19. The event was conducted with the regulations of the Prevention and Control of Disease complied, and two-thirds of the people joining the dinner had received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Cheng welcomed all the guests and donors at the beginning of the dinner and thanked them for their support to the School Enhancement Project, while Dr. Chan thanked the Fundraising Committee and the Special Project Team for their effort and contribution. Mr. Yuen also shared about the future development of the College.

During the dinner, we presented Certificates of Appreciation to our Major Donors whose contribution would be commemorated by the naming of a classroom, function/resource room or other school facilities. Major Donors included Mr. Henry Pang and Mrs. Leslie Fu-Pang (SPCPS Parents), Mr. & Mrs. Wan Tak Fai Danny (SPC Parents), Mr. Philip Cheung Kok Kee (Class of 1966), Mr. Michael Tse Kin Wang (Class of 1972), Mr. Chan Man Chun (Class of 1981), Mr. Lim Kin Kay (Class of 1997), and also Class of 1969, Class of 1972 and Class of 1975.

Mr. Ching Wai Chuen Antonio, representative of Class of 1975 and also the Chairman of Special [FH3] Project Team also presented the current status and the infrastructure of the new Main Entrance and the Indoor Swimming Pool of Phase Two.

It was a successful and meaningful dinner to us. We are particularly thankful for all the supportive advice and suggestions. However, there were some major donors who could not join the dinner, including Ms. Mak Kit Man (Friend of SPC), Mr. Yau Wai Yan (Friend of SPC), Mr. Wong Chung Tin (SPCPS Parents), Dr. Yu Wai Tak (Class of 1971), Dr. Yuen Wai Key (Class of 1975), Mr. Kwok Ka Sing, Raymond (Class of 1978) and Mr. Wong Lun (Class of 2005). We are also very grateful for their support.