Newsletter JUN 2020 : St. Paul's College Foundation Fundraising Committee

  • 2020-06-01

Dear Donor,

The objective of the School Enhancement Project is to provide a better learning environment to our boys, with more space to allow students to collaborate and interact with each other. Beside the campus enhancement project, we also want to provide a healthy social environment to our students to grow in. We welcome talented students from different socioeconomic backgrounds to enjoy their education at St. Paul’s. This diversity also enriches and influences all students’ social development, an important element of education.

A generous fee remission scheme is in place with funding provided by the College to assist families requiring financial assistance. For the school year of 2018/19, 6% of the student population received support from the scheme. It is the College’s goal to increase the number of aided students and thus additional funding is needed. An Endowment Fund will be setup with the financial resource mostly dedicated to help students from less well-off families. We are happy to report that an alumnus, who chooses to remain anonymous, pledges a matching fund of up to 30 million dollars to kick start the campaign.

Brothers here we stand together, all for each and each for all.” These lines in our College song remind our long tradition of an all embracing (包容) attitude and a spirit of togetherness (團結). It is also a strong message to potential students and parents that St. Paul’s is a caring school with a tradition of treating each one as equal, regardless of their backgrounds. Through the strong bonding of alumni and a resourceful endowment, we believe our target can be achieved with the support of the St. Paul’s Community.

For more details and further information about the Endowment, please contact me or my team by 852-25462248 or email to

With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam ’67 *69
Convener, Fundraising Committee
St. Paul’s College Foundation