Newsletter AUG 2020 : St. Paul's College Foundation Fundraising Committee

  • 2020-08-01


Dear Donors,

I hope everyone is healthy and continue to stay well.

Under the specter of Covid-19, we have to adjust our daily life to combat the disease. However, despite the requirement of social distancing, wearing of face masks, restrictions going to restaurants and strict observation of personal hygiene, it has not stopped our fundraising effort from moving forward.

We make use of the available time to give the organization of the St. Paul’s College Foundation a fundamental overhaul with a structured management. This is a necessary step to take to allow better operation of the sizable resource of the school Enhancement Project and those coming from the impending launch of the Endowment Fund. Various Sub Committees have been set up, each one responsible for a specific function, Fundraising, Finance, Investment, Event, Audit, Governance, vetting. Public Relationships, Annual Giving etc. I am most grateful to the alumni who sacrifice their time to join the committees. 

The second Campaign of the School Enhancement Project will advance. The capital requirement for this phase is $100 million. It features a new Main Entrance with a spacious foyer, designed for different kinds of activities and an indoor Swimming Pool that provides year round use for our students. With the additional space, rearrangement of the special rooms, school office and the staff rooms is possible which will make them more efficiently used through connectivity between students, teachers, parents and alumni. 

To kick start this Campaign, I am happy to share with you the good news that we have received a generous donation of $10 million from the late Mr. Tse Yu Chuen’s family. Mr. Tse Yu Chuen (謝雨川, class of 1916) was a philanthropist and a distinguished member of society, but above all, he was a loyal alumnus. He was a member of the school council in the 50- 60s and under his leadership, the redevelopment of Bonham Road campus became a reality. His contributions to his alma mater is immeasurable.

To extend his legacy, his youngest son, Dr. Kenneth Tse, class of 1960 and his grandson, Mr. Michael Tse, class of 1972 have made this generous gift to St. Paul’s. Their charible act not only demonstrates the Tse’s family longstanding close relationship with their alma mater, it also set a high benchmark for other alumni.

The donation is a great encouragement and energizer for the Fundraising team in this difficult time. We promise to try our very best to meet the target for the Project. Please support us as you have in the past. For more details and further information, please contact us at 852-25462248 or

With regards,
Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chief Convenor
St. Paul’s College Foundation