170th Anniversary Seminar Series : The Future of Technological Innovation

  • 2022-03-02

Dear Donors:

Some of you may have already received the notice from your classmates or alumni about a Seminar Series organized by St. Paul’s College and supported by the College Foundation. This is one of the major programs to celebrate our School’s 170th Anniversary, ‘To build our Future’.

The primary objective of organizing the series is to provide an opportunity for students to learn from prominent speakers who will present perspectives on topics that have impacts on the future of the students when they step out of the school door. Four topics are chosen, Technology, Health Care, Climate Change and Future education and work. We believe the Seminars can inspire the students to explore alternative options other than the conventional ones in their future choice of career.

We are happy to collaborate with Asia Society to put together this high calibre series of seminars. It should also be pointed out that the majority of the moderators and speakers are St. Paul’s alumni. The final Plenary will be held at the Asia Society with all the speakers present to discuss on a deeper level the issues raised in previous seminar.

The teachers and the alumni worked very hard to allow this event becomes a reality. Therefore I invite you to attend the first seminar on 4 March 2022 (Friday) 2:30pm - 4:00pmto show your support to St. Paul’s.

SPC Alumni : https://www.spc-connect.net/seminar/index.php.

Parents and Staff from SPC and SPCPS : https://forms.gle/PE3bhF5aN9U7FJxj8

Non SPC members : https://asiasociety.org/hong-kong/events.