Our Vision

A Vision of the Future

Nothing in this world worth having comes easily, and the construction of our new facility will be no exception. I believe that we have great power within our St. Paul’s College family to make this vision a reality, and the reality will require hard work, determination and unity of purpose. But that reality will bring us a place of communal space, of well-designed learning environments that breathe purpose into the time we spend with each other.

An initial pledge of $600,000 (roughly $16 million in today's currency) from oil magnate John Harrison, along with contributions by the American Baptist Education Society, helped to found the University. The University's land was donated by Marshall Field, owner of the historic Chicago department store that bore his name.


A Collegial Environment for Learning

We live in a time of exponential change. Simple classrooms are no longer so simple. Increasing the size of the classroom blocks will enable long term sustainability in classroom usage with upgraded materials. This will allow teachers to move from the rows of seats to a modular approach depending on the task. Classrooms will place emphasis on a warm and inviting physical environment to encourage movement, flow and participation.

To provide a collaborative learning setting is the first step towards 21st Century skill acquisition. New, more spacious classrooms with communal areas for an active learning context can change the nature of our boys’ learning to an interactive and communicative framework. A learning commons and redesigned library/learning centre will provide a centerpiece and focal point for individual advancement and group project design and delivery. This change in where and how the students acquire knowledge will help prepare them for a fluid and dynamic work environment after tertiary education



This is a key element of our new campus; call it synergy or linkage or symbiosis or simply convenience, the new campus is all about connectivity. Our new entrance on Bonham Road will allow the administrative centre of the College to also be a front-of house welcome mat to our students, parents and alumni. The new large, airy, and inviting entrance to the College will provide a central clearinghouse for all of the action at 69 Bonham Road. The entrance will have the mementoes of the past we so value in our heritage, but also be large enough to link the entrance to our activities centres. From the entrance to the arts centre to the fitness centre to the all-weather facilities to the integrated labs and computer systems. Everything is connected in the most seamless way possible, starting from the state of the art entrance providing a bright warm welcome to Bonham Road campus. All for each and each for all. Connected.


The Cutting Edge

Information systems and established campuses are always a challenging mix. This has been a constant theme over the past ten years. Our new campus will give us the opportunity and potential to be a STEM and computing leader. The College has made a significant commitment to the manpower and resources necessary to make our College in the cutting edge of STEM education, a focal point for Hong Kong schools in the 21st century. The new facility will focus on upgrading computing and information technology facilities.


Aesthetics: Educating the entire boy

SPC boys represent a range of skills and proficiencies, and every boy has the chance to excel in a wide variety of areas: music, art, drama debating, scouts, first aid, service activities, peer mentoring, robotics and so many clubs that every boy has the chance to take up a leadership position if he wants. The new campus will give us the space and situation to raise our co-curricular and extracurricular programmes to the next level. Creativity flourishes at SPC with our choirs, orchestras and artistic endeavours. The campus will give us the dedicated spaces needed for our creative hearts to take wing and fly.


Fit and Strong

With such a desirable location on Bonham Road, space for our athletes has always been an issue. The new campus boasts a raised lower playground, covered swimming pool and basketball court, and a fitness centre for the school community. Our student-athletes have always exceeded expectations- now, with new and enhanced facilities, expect big things to come.