Message from the Chairman

Dr. Cheng Cheuk Sang, Arnold


St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited

St. Paul’s College Council

Dear Parents, Old Boys and Friends,

Social distancing made 2020 a challenging year for all and the Foundation was no exception. Planned activities had to be called off, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to bring together parents, alumni and friends of St. Paul’s College for reunions and special events; nor were there occasions to explain our development plans and appeal for support. We hope that 2021 brings new hopes and promises and that the SPC family will be able to get together more often, and especially for the celebration of the 170th anniversary of the College.  

After the completion of Phase One of the School Enhancement Project, the Foundation continued to make every effort to pave the way for the subsequent phases and other projects. Our Fundraising Committee has achieved encouraging results. So far, about half of the funds required for Phase Two have already been pledged. At the end of 2020, we were also given the green light for the construction of the indoor swimming pool and the relocation of the main entrance. The second phase will create space for the reshuffling of the school office, the library and hopefully the staff rooms to achieve better connectivity of functions and facilities on the school campus.  

Through the initiative of the fundraising committee, graduates from different years have been pooling funds in support of the College. The newly established Endowment Fund has been growing fast, thanks to the anonymous alumnus who donated matching funds of $30 million, which will allow the College to cater for students from more diverse backgrounds.

The restructuring of the Foundation is well underway and we can be assured of better security of donor information and more transparency in the management of the funds. We are thankful to our donors for their unwavering support and the trust they have placed in us. With the funds raised, we support the College when need arises. For example, we have provided the funds needed for the birthday books scheme of the Principal for the juniors to encourage reading. Also, we have provided financial support for the solar panel project, which aims to cultivate consciousness of the importance of conservation of natural resources among our students. 

The Foundation and its Executive Committee members will work together to make sure that all funds raised will be allocated through the proper channels and for designated purposes. I am thankful to all members for their support and advice. Let us work together to ensure that the second phase of the School Enhancement Project will come to fruition. This being the beginning of the New Year, I sincerely hope that a rainbow of hope will emerge and span across the long darkened sky!