Message from the Chairman

Dr. Cheng Cheuk Sang, Arnold


St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited

St. Paul’s College Council

Message from the Chairman

Dear Parents, Old Boys and Friends,

2013 marked an important milestone in the history of St. Paul’s College with the opening of the Primary School’s new Victoria Road campus. We are grateful for the support we have received from the St. Paul’s College family. This is the fruit of our labours that has been cultivated and grown for years.

To enable us to achieve the overarching priorities grounded in our mission and to fulfill our vision for the future, we will be launching a fund-raising campaign for the development of the primary school. This will serve to empower us to achieve continuous improvement by upgrading the school facilities and enriching our resources, which are necessary to further advance our students’ opportunities for diverse learning and character development.

As the College’s first comprehensive fund-raising effort, the campaign also creates an unprecedented opportunity for our supporters to establish a lasting legacy through the new campus facility naming project.

There are different ways of making your gift to the St. Paul’s College which will be made known to you. The success of our campaign depends on the generous support from each and every one of you. Please join us as we stride towards continued and incremental excellence.