Message from the Principal

Mr. Yuen Dick-Yan, Dennis

Principal, St. Paul's College

Message from the Principal

It is now over 50 years since SPC came to Bonham Rd. There have been many changes since then, but our facilities have really not changed greatly since the building was erected in 1965. That’s well over 50 years. When I think about this situation and the need to upgrade and refurbish and renovate our school, President Obama’s quote comes to mind. We can continue with our present facilities, but don’t our boys, our families, our posterity, deserve more? Why should we not offer a first-class facility to our students to place us on the cutting edge of STEM learning, of extracurricular facilities, and classrooms that really reflect 21st century learning? Again, if not now, when? If not us, then who?

Now is the time for the first major structural facelift to our school. It is time for us to transition to a different mode of learning incorporating smart technology for smart students. The essence of a St. Paul’s student is his comprehensive skills and specialist interests. We try to serve the whole student: spiritually, mentally, and physically. To serve these needs, we have to help them to learn today so they can lead tomorrow. We know that we have a solid foundation, but to match our glorious past we must build for our future.

We are looking at nothing less than a major revamp and facelift of the College - to present a College campus that will be state of the art in fostering learning, athletic, sporting and service opportunities to our students. So how will we do this? In this first instance I encourage you to look at our plans and to become familiar with them. They are nothing if not ambitious.