Phase Three


Campaign Three - The Innovation Complex &
The Music Complex

This is the East Wing bordering Hing Hon Road. The Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology on the 3rd and 4th floor, as well as the Computer Rooms on the 7th floor, will remain. The current Library on the 5th floor (moved to the 7th floor of the Humanities and Arts Building) will be converted to another Staff Room. The 6th floor will house the existing Multi-media Learning Centre.

SPC has a long tradition in music. Our choirs had won numerous prizes in the School Music Festivals over the years. In the current arrangement, most musical activities (rehearsals, practices, performances) are conducted in the School Hall, which is also used for other School activities. Necessarily, it will take effort every time to set up the proper seat/floor/stage arrangements for whatever the event is. The plan is to convert the undercover playground into a dedicated Music Complex including a practice and performance hall with proper acoustics, and an audience seating area. There will be several acoustically isolated rooms for small group practices, and a store room for musical instruments.