Message from the Secretary

Ms Josephine Ho

Secretary, St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited

Message from the Secretary

St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited, formally established in 2008, has been set up to expand the resources available to provide a first-class learning environment for our boys, both in Primary and Secondary schools. It is encouraging to witness the strong support from our alumni who have joined the Foundation as voting members or ordinary members. Some have become long-serving members of the Executive Committee.

We are grateful to our alumni who have pledged their support in upgrading the facilities of the College. The years of 1966 and 1968 have pooled resources, each over a million dollars, to help with the renovation of two floors in the Wong Ming Him Hall where they first attended our College. The year of 1979 decided to raise funds to help improve the audio equipment of the College Hall, after their reunion dinner there.

In the Primary School, we are thankful to our alumni who have donated towards the naming of the special rooms to ensure that they are properly equipped. The installation of mosaic pictures on the walls outside the Hall and the School Library serves to remind us of the spirit of St. Paul.

The support of our alumni is also extended to various fields of interest like music, sports and academic achievement. They include Mr. Tenny Doone, Mr. Ip Kar Chai, Mr. Cecil Ko and Mr. Simon Chung. Mr. Benjamin Lee, a voting member and an Exco member of the Foundation, makes annual donations to the Foundation for the payment of clerical staff to help with the administration work of the Foundation.

Our gratitude also goes to the parents for their donations to the Foundation. With that, we have funded the purchase of the Grand Piano in the Primary School Hall. The establishment of the Mrs. Yvonne Chan Development Fund also provides resources for future development.

For the first time in the history of St. Paul’s College, there will be an opportunity for friends, alumni and parents of the College to place their name or the name of someone they wish to honour on one of the spaces in both the Primary and the College campus. This would provide major financial resources for the ambitious project to enhance the Bonham Road Campus. The establishment of the Donors’ Wall would encourage the St. Paul’s family to leave their mark in the College campus.

In the spirit of La famiglia, the Foundation serves as a link between the School and the St. Paul’s community, be they graduates or parents of the Primary School and the College. To this end, the Foundation facilitates the organization of reunion functions. Many reunion functions organized by different year groups have been held in the College Hall or the Wong Ming Him Hall, the oldest building in the Bonham Road Campus. These are occasions when alumni can visit the historical trail and revive their fond memories of the old school days. The Foundation is thankful to our alumni for their generosity to make the Historical Trail an enjoyable one.

We will announce our upcoming fund-raising functions in this website so please visit us on a regular basis.