Foundation Functional Committees


Fundraising Committee
To plan, coordinate and implement of all fundraising strategy to raise funds for the Foundation. To be responsible to two sub-committees 1.) Annual Giving & 2.) Capital / Endowment Gifts to focus on different Fundraising policies and strategies.

Convener – Dr. Chan Yau Nam, Ian, SBS, MH (Ex-co) ‘67

Members –
Mr. Lau Man Fong, Julian (Ex-co) ‘75
Mr. Yeung Kwok Mung, Ken (Ex-co) ‘82
Mr. Chiu Tsz Sam, Sam (Ex-co) ‘97

Capital / Endowment Gifts Committee
To plan, coordinate and implement of overall strategy and activities to raise funds from high net-worth individuals and families to develop major support within SPC community and beyond.

Convener - Mr. Lau Man Fong, Julian (Ex-co) ‘75 & Dr. Yuen Wai Key '75

Members –
Dr. Cheung Kok Kee, Philip '66
Mr. Cheung Yiu Kwong, Patrick '73
Dr. Cua Tin Yin, Simon ‘80
Dr. Chan Sai Lok, Patrick ‘83
Mr. Yeung Tng Pong, Ronnie ‘92
Mr. Lim Kin Kay, Martin ‘97
Dr. Chung Chun Kit, Joseph '97
Mr. Chan Hang Chak, Chris '05

Annual Giving Committee
To plan, coordinate and implement of overall strategy, direction and programme of annual giving (the “Annual Giving”) to be carried out, to maintain and update the programme, and to report progress on the programme to the Board.

Conveners - Mr. Chiu Tsz Sam, Sam ‘97 (Alumni Group) & Mr. Li Chun Yin, Johnny (Parents Group)

Members – 
Ms. Yvonne Chan
Mr. Lai Tak Kin, Simon ‘90
Mr. Jacky Tang

Audit Committee
To advise the Board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, and when required.

Convener – Mr. Luk Koon Hoo, Roger BBS, JP (Ex-co) ‘68

Members –
Mr. Ying Tze Man, Kenneth ‘72
Mr. Man Yuk Lun, Derek ‘77

Vetting Committee
To establish vetting mechanism to ensure the donation is comply with vetting mechanism, and to increase donation accountability, integrity and transparency, avoid conflicts of interest.

Convener – Mr. Au-Yeung Ho Wing, Herbert ‘91 (Ex-co)

Members –
The Bishop Emeritus Dr. Soo Yee Po, Thomas, JP '63
Dr. Chan Man Chung '72
Mr. Chan Wai Tong, Christopher ‘75
Mr. Lam Chi Kong, Lawrence ‘91

Event Committee
To define the overall strategy and direction of events to be carried out and organize and delivering events based on Foundation’s Mission Statement and Objectives

Conveners – Prof. Lau Chun Hon, Anthony ‘78

Members –
Dr. Chan Yau Nam, Ian '67
Mr. Fu Yun Kwong, Raymond ‘71
Mr. Lai Tak Kin, Simon ‘90
Mr. Roger Lo '10

Public Relations Committee
To formulate the overall PR policies and develop communication strategies to the public.
To maintain goodwill and understanding between Foundation and the public.

Conveners – Mr. Yeung Kwok Mung, Ken (Ex-co) ‘82

Members –
Mr. Yuen Dick Yan, Dennis (Principal of SPC)
Dr. Fung Shing Kwong ‘63

Finance & Investment Committee
To formulate the overall investment policies of the Funds, subject to approval by the Board and to establish investment guidelines in furtherance of those policies.

Conveners – Mr. Mok Yu Sang, Wilson (Ex-co) & Mr. Lee Kai Yiu, Benjamin (Ex-co) ‘76

Member –
Mr. Lau Man Fong, Julian (Ex-co) '75
Mr. Lau Ho Kit, Ivan ‘76
Mr. Tan Yik Chung, Wilson '86

Governance Committee
To strengthen internal governance structure & internal control policies for the oversight and management of risks. Report the effectiveness of polices and managing risk.

Convener – Mr. Pong Yuen Sun, Louis (Supervisor of SPC)

Members –
The Bishop Emeritus Tsui Tsan Sang, Louis
Mr. Chung Chi Tak, David ‘73
Mr. Cheng Woon Hung, Wilson ‘92