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St. Paul’s College Foundation Report (2018/2019)

In the year 2018/2019, we have had an unprecedentedly long list of donors. This is what has made the first phase of the School Enhancement Project possible. With the generous grant of thirty million from our School Council and the matching fund of another thirty million from our alumnus, we have successfully raised sufficient funds to achieve the target of 90 million required for the first fund-raising campaign. The classrooms have received much more than just a cosmetic face-lift. We are provided with the much needed space for more effective teaching and learning facilities, allowing more interaction and flexibility in teaching methodologies.


It has been exciting to meet with our supportive alumni at the various events like the Kick-off Ceremony at Bishop’s House on Glenealy where the College began, the Winter Olympics, and Teachers’ Appreciation Dinner organized by the Alumni Association and the Donors’ Appreciation Dinner. We can expect another heart-warming gathering when we officially open the Donors’ Wall, which will be a new attraction for visitors to our College campus. The hundreds of names on the wall bear witness to the unity and strength of the St. Paul’s family.


I must congratulate the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Dr. Chan Yau Nam Ian, and his hard-working committee members. They have organized many sharing sessions with the alumni and class representatives and we have donations and pledges from more alumnus groups. We are thankful to the class representatives of the years of 62, 66, 67, 68, 72, 75/77, 91, 01(5F) and 6A/7A(85/86) for encouraging their peers to join hands in supporting the school. We are deeply touched to know that our alumni remember us fondly, and show their support by making appeals or sending in donations from any surplus in their group meetings, e.g. the Head Prefects Group, the Alumni Association, the SPC Doctors, the Interact Club (72-74), the Graduation Dinner Committee 17/18 and the Ontario Alumni Association of St. Paul’s College, to name but a few.


In honour of some of the major donors, the school will designate various rooms where plaques with the donor’s names will be placed. For the school year 2018-2019, we are grateful to Mr. Simon Cua Tin Yiu, Professor Freddie Fu Ho Keung, Mr. Tenny Doone, Dr. Fung Kai Bun, Dr. Chiu Wing and Class of 1967-68 for their generosity and we have the following rooms: Classroom 1A, Classroom 5F, Fitness Centre 1, Fitness Centre 2, Medical Service Room, Lab Preparation Room (3/F) and Classroom 1D, named after these alumnus/groups respectively. Dr. Ian Chan Yau Nam, the Chairman of our Fundraising Committee for the School Enhancement Project has made a donation but a room is yet to be selected for naming.


In our appeal to parents, I am pleased to report that we have experienced an increase in the participation rate in terms of the donations. We have a total of 452 parents from the College and 144 parents from the Primary School responding to our appeal. Since the official launch of the project, I have received a great deal of positive feedback. We are certainly touched by some of our alumni who have made repeated donations whenever there is an appeal sent out. Nevertheless, it is important that we do not stop here. We need your support to move onto the second fundraising campaign. The first section of the second phase will create a “new” entrance when we bring the main entrance from the Stewart Building to where it originally was in the 1950’s when we first moved into the Bonham Road Campus.


Our support for the Project came not only from the students but also from staff members. I am most happy to note that more than a dozen of our staff, some retired, some non-teaching, also showed their support by making personal donations. I salute them for their generosity.


While working full bore for the School Enhancement Project, the Foundation has not organized any fundraising activity of its own. I am once again touched by the generosity of our alumni who never forget us. I am most proud to report that we have received over one million dollars in donations towards our administration fund. We have been able to provide the College and the Primary School some of the funding for sports teams, equipment for the publicity team and College Improvement Awards.


At the start of the new school year, our first event will be the official opening of the Donors’ Wall. The hundreds of names on the wall bear witness to the unity and strength of the St. Paul’s family. It is these little blocks of unity and generosity that we make our mark in the history of the College and that of Hong Kong. The clusters of names from the same era should bring back fond memories of patrons’ youthful days. Let us move on to make things happen. Let us work together to bring us the campus of our dreams. We are not only adding to our hardware but we are also trying hard to bring improvements in the software as well. We need funding for overseas trips, sports training, science equipment and music development. In a few months we will be introduced to the new STEM Laboratory where students are given the space and equipment to venture into new areas of Science and Technology. The pursuit of excellence goes on.


Let me appeal to all members of the St. Paul’s family. Please be on the lookout for the coming fund-raising appeals and activities. We need everyone to help spread the news. Remember, WE ARE FAMILY, and families stick together in times of need!

St. Paul’s College Foundation Report (2017/2018)

During the school year, St. Paul’s College Foundation has focused on fund-raising for the Campus Enhancement Project and partly funded the feasibility study. The Project is a much-needed improvement to the buildings which are more than half a century old. It will be exciting to bring it to fruition because of the changes it will bring to the teaching and learning environment of the College.


We are grateful to our alumnus who has pledged to provide a matching fund of up to HK$ 30,000,000 in the year 2018. To the St. Paul’s family, this should be the best opportunity to give because your contribution will have twice the value or power to the college. As our Principal Mr. Dennis Yuen put it, “We want this project to be more that just a face-lift.” We would like to present a College campus that will be state of the art in fostering learning, athletic, sporting and service opportunities to our students. We are sure that the new campus will benefit all members of the St. Paul’s College family in the coming decades.


Donations to the Campus Enhancement Project can take various forms. We have invited donations for the naming of our rooms and buildings. We are grateful to Mr. Ye Zi Cheng Jason, Mr. Ricky So, Mr. Au-Yeung Ho Wing Herbert and the Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation Ltd. For their commitment to the naming of the 4A Classroom, the Prefects Room, the Scout Room and the Student Association Room respectively. Our Foundation Secretary, Ms. Josephine Ho, would be most delighted to provide information on the list of rooms and buildings that are available for naming rights and the payment method.


Members of the St. Paul’s College family can also leave their mark on the “Donors’ Wall” which will be located along the hallway of the Stewart Building. The design of the wall is in process of being finalized and we would like to appeal to all of our graduates to put together list of names of the same year so that you can, once again, sit next to one another. Of course, we would allow names of groups or classes to appear on the little blocks on the wall, It is these little blocks that had made a mark in the history of the College and that of Hong Kong.


At the initial stage of the fund-raising drive for the Campus Enhancement Project, positive feedback was received and the first cheque was sent from our retired Vice Principal Mr. Hui Chung Chi. Mr. Lau Si Fu, our outgoing Head Janitor, also made his first donation before the summer holidays. The first appeal to students and parents of both primary school and the College was sent this brought both cash donations and contributions to the Donors’ Wall.

St. Paul’s College Foundation Report (2016/2017)

St. Paul’s College Foundation Limited was honoured to play a part in the celebration of the 165th Anniversary of our College by sponsoring the Anniversary Carnival. We welcomed back our alumni, our students and their families. We are thankful to everyone who has made generous donations towards this function. Their contributions have made the prize pool a most attractive one. The members of staff and the students expended a great deal of effort to make this event the most glamourous one ever. We are also thankful to those who helped in the design and production of the souvenirs. The sale of souvenirs set a new record.


With the opening of the Heritage Trail sponsored by the St. Paul’s College Foundation, a history book has also been produced. We are thankful to Mr. G. C. Emerson for accepting the position as consultant to the project. We are also grateful to our voting members Mr. Chiu Sze Wai Wilfred, Mr. Chung Chi Ho Ellis, Mr. Ko Pak Yau William and Mr. Wong Ching Keung for making it possible.


The College Council has given consent to two donors for the naming of the Tuck Shop and the Snack Bar. To honour the two donors, Mr. Chan Fook Cheung Elvis and the Class of 1966 respectively, souvenirs will be presented to each at the College Speech Day 2017. The renovation of the Snack Bar is already underway.


At the AGM in April 2017, we have extended our invitation to The Most Revd. Dr. Paul Kwong, Archbishop and Primate of Hong Kong, Bishop of Hong Kong Island, and Bishop of Macau, to become the Foundation’s Honorary Patron and Mr. Ha Wing Ho Timothy, our longest-serving Principal (1968-2006), to join the Executive Committee as Honorary Advisor. We are also thankful to all Executive Committee Members for their hard work and devotion and our voting and ordinary members for their unfailing support.

St. Paul’s College Foundation Report (2015/2016)

The St. Paul’s College Foundation is thankful to all our students, their parents, our alumni as well as their friends and families for their unfailing support to bother our fund-raising functions and sponsorship towards our school projects. Our Farewell Dinner in Honour of Mrs. Yvonne Chan received enthusiastic support despite its being our second fund-raising function after the wine Dinner. The offer of naming right for special rooms also received the support from Mr. Au-Yeung Ho Wing, Herbert and the family of the Rt. Reverend Dr. Soo Yee Po, Thomas This will provide St. Paul’s College Primary School with a pool of funds for future development. In St. Paul’s College, the Heritage Trail is fully funded by donations through the Foundation. We have received help in the form of donations and gifts. Our alumni understand and help identify the need of the College and show their concern through proactively identifying area for improvement like the purchase of musical instruments for the Hall and the Music Department.


The Executive Committee welcomes the Honorary Parton, Mr. Gallant Ho and the Honorary Advisors, Mrs. Yvonne Chan and Mr. Philip Cheung. Their support and advice should allow us to explore new areas of development. Last but not least, we must thank the Executive Committee for their hard work and contributions. It is worth noting that among our donors, we have alumni group from different graduating years as well as the St. Pauls’ College Alumni Association and the SPC Primary School Graduates 2016.