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Academic Building

the nerve centre of knowledge sharing and exchange

Each of the 36 classrooms will be enlarged by 24% of usable space. The new design serves the purpose of creating a more comfortable environment that is more conducive to interaction, collaborative learning and inquiry-based learning. There will be movable furniture that allow different seating patterns and configurations in the classrooms.


The flow of air and light into the classrooms will be enhanced with state of the art design. Power usage will be reduced in keeping with a ‘clean and green’ environment.

Innovation Complex

where ideas are nurtured and flourish
New STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Room

As STEM education is critical to future development, there will be a dedicated STEM centre for students to gather and learn from each other in order to cultivate creativity.

Canteen, Tuck Shop and Student Activity Centre

The new canteen will be a more spacious and an inviting place for students to gather for their meals. With the Student Activity Centre nearby, it will provide natural linkage and a connected environment

Media Production Room

The existing Student Publications Room will become Media Production Room, with computer workstations for print and web-media publications. This area will provide students with solid production experience and help cultivate their creative instincts.

Going Green

A lighting control system invented by SPC Alumni will be installed at the Innovation Complex. It is a non-flickering, non-polluting Smart Lighting System that allows energy saving through a smart system of energy flow and control.

Upgraded facilities

The 6 laboratories, 2 computer rooms, Computer-Assisted Leaning Room (CAL Room) and Multi-media Learning Centre (MMLC) will be upgraded to match the needs of 21st century learning and teaching. There will be one additional E-learning Centre, the existing one having been renovated in 2017.

Humanities and Arts Complex

where technology is infused with values
A modern and practical new Learning Resource Centre (Library)

The future learning resource centre serves a variety of functions. Discussion rooms will be available so that students may gather to develop and discuss presentations or project work to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange. The size of the new LRC will be approximately 1/3 larger than the existing facility, with cozy sofa seating to create an inviting leisure reading zone. It also offers a quiet place for daily revision and exam preparation. With the glass wall, students can enjoy the sunlight and open view of HKU while reading or studying. It also encourages our boys to look out, above and beyond!

Art Rooms and Art Design Gallery

New storage and display cases will be provided in the future so that students’ artistic endeavours could be showcased.

Specialist rooms for the SPC community

The SPC Foundation Office, SPC Alumni Association Room and Parent Teacher Association Room will be located in this building.

Music Complex

where music is made and spirits are lifted
Music Rooms and Practice Rooms

We believe that music education is not about competing for awards. More fundamentally, our musicians need designated space for regular practice without extraneous noise. Therefore, the 2 new Music Rooms will have glass doors with acoustic seals for surround sound fidelity. In addition, there will be 3 Instrumental Practice Rooms and a Musical Instrument Store Room. In addition to the School Hall and Hall Balcony as the theatre, there will be an Orchestra Practice Room cum performing venue, which is suitable for both performers and audience.

Sports Podium

a Sound Body in a Sound Mind

It is crucial for students to have strong bodies and healthy minds. The sports facilities will be enlarged and dedicated to serve this purpose.


There will be specifically designed indoor areas so that sports activities or competitions will not be affected by Hong Kong’s variable weather conditions. The Indoor Sports Hall and Indoor Heated Swimming Pool will surely satisfy our sporty students. A Fitness Room featuring 10 sets of treadmill machines and weight-training equipment will certainly bulk up the physical fitness of our students, especially members of the sports teams. The changing rooms will be relocated so that they will be more directly accessible to the sports facilities.


Students will still have the opportunity of doing sports under the sun with the new Outdoor Sports Deck. Watching competitions from different levels of the building will afford spectators to view the full gamut of SPC sporting excellence.

Administrative Block & Wong Ming Him Hall

new entrance foyer and offices with practical and contemporary design

TThe new exhibition foyer and spacious reception area will give all our students, staff and guests a warm welcome to the SPC campus. The College Office will be relocated near the entrance to direct staff, students, parents, alumni and visitors directly from reception.

Other Facilities

a wide variety of facilities to cater for the students’ needs
Staff Rooms

The currently top levels Staff Rooms will be relocated to lower floors so that they are more accessible to students. It will foster an even closer relationship between teachers and students and facilitate speedy communication between teaching and non-teaching staff.

Various function rooms

Special function rooms such as Guidance Centre, Careers Centre (previously Career Master’s Room), Prefects’ Room, Scout Room and so on, will be included as part of the the campus enhancement project. There will also be two General-Purpose Rooms to cater for flexible uses such as club activities, to bolster students’ leadership and organisational skills.


As a Sheng Kung Hui school, the Chapel is the spiritual heart of the campus. The new design will allow us to use the Chapel for prayer, reflection or services in a more accessible venue on the campus.

Memorial Garden

The open area outside of the exhibition foyer will be the Memorial Garden. As a College with a rich and storied history, the Memorial Garden pays tribute to those we remember down the years, and help instil in our current students a pride and joy in the rich heritage which they inherit as St. Paul’s students.