Rooms naming

For the first time in St. Paul’s College history, we will honour our major donors with the naming of a Room, Laboratory or Building. Please reserve your naming right early, because there is only one of each. This perhaps is the best way to remember the good old days as a class, as an ongoing memento of your class’s time at the College.

Academic & Stewart Building

F.1 – F.6 Classroom

Humanities and Arts Complex

Entrance & Exhibition Foyer, General Office, Subject Rooms, Art Rooms with Art Gallery, Association Rooms, Resource Rooms

Innovation Complex

Laboratories, Staff Rooms, Computer Room, E-Learning Centre, MMLC, General Purpose Room, Canteen, SA room, Prefect Room

Music Complex

Theatre, Music Rooms, Instrument Practice Rooms, Orchestra Practice Room, Guidance Room, Career Centre

Wong Ming Him Hall – Admin. BlocK

Student Activity Centre, Admin. Staff Office

Sports Complex

Indoor Sports Hall, Indoor Heated Swimming Pool, Outdoor Sports Deck, Fitness Centre

For those interested in learning more about naming of rooms, please contact Ms. Sidney Chau, Executive Assistant of Fundraising committee at 852 25462248.