2020 CNY Greeting Message from Chairman of Fundraising Committee

  • 2020-01-22

The Fundraising Committee of St. Paul’s College Foundation would like to thank all our donors, alumni, parents, teachers, students and all friends of SPC for their support in the past year to allow us to complete the first phase of the School Enhancement Project. As the Lunar New Year is approaching, we would like to wish all of you a bountiful and meaningful year.

At the onset of the new year, the College has started its work on the second phase of the School Enhancement Project. The main emphasis of Campaign Two is “Connectivity”. It aims at bringing students and teachers, staff and parents, the College and the public closer together. We will build new structures and will redesign the location of the special rooms including the school office and the staff rooms, so as to allow easier access for the students. Similarly, the parents and the general public would find it easier to get in touch with related staff and even the Principal.

We are planning sharing sessions with different groups – alumni, parents, staff and students and friends of St. Paul’s. We will provide updates of our enhancement project and fundraising progress. We will also embark on the Endowment Fund project and we hope to enlist your support as always.
Besides improvements on the school campus, the College hopes to improve our contact with the alumni. We would like to bring them back to the Bonham Road campus and show them our latest developments. The unity of our alumni is the power behind the St. Paul’s Spirit.

For more details of our work in the Campaign, please visit our website www.spc-foundation.org.hk and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spcsep/ with our updated progress from time to time. Please “like” and share with your peers.

With regards,
Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chairman, School Enhancement Project Fundraising Committee
St. Paul’s College Foundation