School Enhancement Project Campaign Two

  • 2020-09-17

In welcoming the new semester in 2020-2021, our Foundation is also moving forward to Campaign Two of the School Enhancement Project.
The main emphasis of Campaign Two is “Connectivity”. It aims at bringing students and teachers, staff and parents, the College and the public closer together.
It starts with a new Main Entrance with a spacious foyer designed for different kinds of activities plus an indoor Swimming Pool that provides year-round use. The additional space thus created will allow for the rearrangement of rooms, school office and staff rooms with the purpose of improving efficiency, accessibility and, therefore, connectivity.
The fundraising target of Campaign Two is $100 million. Construction will commence when we have achieved 50% of the target amount by the end of 2020. Thanks to all our donors, we have already raised $32 million during such difficult times. We promise to try our very best to raise the balance of $18 million in the next three months to start the project.